Hi, my name is Raven Gemini, and I've been photographing rocks, mushrooms, and the same single view of the AuSable River since 1995, when I got my first camera (a Kodak Cameo). 


I was educated in black and white film photography, as well as alternative process printing at Alma College in 2007/08.  I currently shoot with a Canon 5d Mk III DSLR, and a Nikon F3 film camera (which was literally found in a box somewhere.)


I am unapologetically neurodivergent, which gives me a unique perspective when making work (and deciding what sort of work to make).  The passage of time is of particular interest to me, the way it moves quickly in some places, and much more slowly in others.  As someone who has always seemed to exist at a slower pace than everyone else around me, places where time runs deepest and slowest are my favorites.  This manifests itself as a body of work done primarily in rural and natural environments, but also encapsulates occasional forays into the very urban.  Cities are curious creatures, the razors' edge of style butts up against buildings that have existed since the Civil War. 


I hold a BA in Theatre and most of a second BA in fashion design, which I am currently using alongside my cameras in the pursuit of a number of long-term fine art projects.  If you are interested in supporting those endeavors, I have a Patreon account dedicated to the creation of those works.  Patrons receive high-resolution digital downloads of many of my photographs, as well as insights into the creation process.  All patrons are also eligible for a 10% discount on prints ordered through this website.